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Welcome to Twyford & Ruscombe Theatre Group

Coming in May   Joe Orton's LOOT

An Irishman and his son are burying their recently deceased wife and mother with a nurse in attendance. It seems that the nurse has designs of her own and the son has also been up to various antics with his mate who works at the undertakers. A coffin is centre stage at the beginning and there seems to be great interest in the contents of the wardrobe, especially from the man from the water board. Utter farce ensues!

Our next production is Loot by Joe Orton. It is a very funny black comedy written in the 1960s. The creative team, under Frank Kaye’s direction, are having a great time exploring the parallels between the absurdity of the behaviour of the characters and that of the world in which we now live. Ironically the social paradoxes of Orton’s time (homosexuality was illegal) have been resolved to be replaced by political and economic absurdity but the same institutional arrogance remains.

We will have an exciting set designed by a professional artist, Sally Castle, and original music written by Richard Meehan, who last worked with Frank on his professional production of Faustaff in Mexico City.